Blue Glass Lamps/Advice

Ideas for choosing the right blue glass lamps for your personal style


Does your home have a traditional style? If so my suggestion is to use blue glass lamps. And to look for fine decorative details, fluting or rounded vase shapes. If you are more into a transitional style, search for less details and concentrate on the size of the shade in relation to the base of the lamp.


Also a gooseneck or swing arm blue glass table lamp is a prime example of this style. For contemporary or modern styles, you might  find lamps that have a sculptural or minimalist feel more appealing. A multi-arm lamp or a tree, might be a wonderful sculptural choice,  just for an example.


Another idea is to decide on a touch lamp for easy on and off functionality. Or choose a LED lamp for high efficiency and they  can come in just about any style and color. Navy blue, Teal blue and Turquoise blue glass lamps are some of the more popular colors.



Where a blue glass lamp will work best in your home


Different types and designs of lamps will be completely about adding style and layers of light to your space or room. But they are usually implemented for a lighting task. If you will think of each place in your home where illuminating a surface area will assist you in some way, then you are on the right track for locating places in your home for blue glass table lamps.


This could be your front or rear entryway, where a table in the hallway has been placed for mail and or other duties. Or it could be a softly lit area that welcomes you home at the end of a long day.


Table lamps can usually be found on either side of a sofa. Or close to a reading chair, atop a desk, or on a bedside table as well. It just really all comes down to where you can use that little extra touch of light in your home.


The best possible blue glass table lamps: this is what to look for


You will be wanting to look for a lamp that can fit your particular style. But can also illuminate your spaces for any task and add a special ambiance. If shear beauty is the main focus, then pay close attention to the materials, shapes and the more finer details. But if the lamp is only for practicality, you will want to  look more closely at the lumen output.


In any situation, the proper blue glass lamp will add warmth and help with the tasks at hand. The right lamp can be a decorative way to illuminate an area. In common spaces, a table lamp can illuminate the table and part of a nearby chair. But probably should not be the only source of light for the area. Additionally, a blue glass table lamp for a bedroom should have a softer glow and also be very easy to reach from the bed.


Safety First


Always keep in mind that while blue glass lamps are a beautiful way to express yourself, they do produce heat. Which in turn can be a fire hazard. So always be aware of how close the lamp will be to other objects. Or where the cords will be placed as this can present a trip hazard.


  • Q: How tall should bedside lamps be?


  • A: There is not a standard, but the lamp shade should be about the height of your chin when you sit up in bed.


  • Q: Should table lamps match?


  • A: It’s up to you, in some cases it’s better they do not match. But lamps should be close to the same height throughout the area.


  • Q: How many table lamps per room?


  • A: This varies widely. Consider room size, other light sources and the tasks that happen in the room. If a seating area could use some light, it’s a great place for a lamp.